March 21, 2013

We Have a Contested Election!

Self-Nominations are Final
The self-nominations for KaCSFFS Board officers are now closed.  At the March meeting we had some adjustments (two people removed themselves from consideration, and three self-nominated) from the lineup announced after the February meeting, and we officially have a run-off election for the office of President.

3-time incumbent Diana J. Bailey
Self-nominations were as follows:
President: Diana J. Bailey v. Tyrell Gephardt
Secretary: Kristina Hiner
Treasurer: Cindy Norton
Communications Officer: Jan Gephardt
ConQuesT Chairperson: Jesi Pershing (for ConQuesT 45)

KaCSFFS History in the Making:
If Diana Bailey wins a fourth term, she will be the first-ever Director/President of KaCSFFS to do so.  If Ty Gephardt wins, he will be the first-ever second-generation KaCSFFan to hold the top office (his parents have both been KaCSFFS members; his mother is the current Communications Director).

Challenger Tyrell E. Gephardt
Balloting Options:
Voting this year will be conducted for the office of President only.  Because self-nominations are required, there can be no write-in votes, and none of the other offices are contested.

The balloting options in the 2012 Bylaws include advance voting (Article III, Section 3).  This may prove to be especially important this year, because we had to move the meeting from its regular third-Saturday-of-the-month date to the fourth Saturday, because of a scheduling conflict at The Writers Place.

For this election, all active dues-paid, voting-eligible members (that is, those who are General Members with memberships paid in full through March 2014, or Life Members) may vote ONE time, by any of the three methods listed below.

Voting members may choose one of three ways to cast a ballot:
In-Person voting: During the regular business meeting scheduled for April 27, 2013 at The Writers Place.
Via Online Poll: Go to the poll on the members-only KAXFEN list to cast an online vote between March 21-April 26, 2013.
Via Paper Ballot: Print, mark, sign and date the ballot on the "Absentee Ballot" Page on this blog (top of the sidebar at right), or request a copy from the Treasurer.  Paper ballots must arrive in the KaCSFFS Post Office Box (see ballot for full address) BY April 20, 2013 to be counted.

PHOTOS: Photos of both candidates for KaCSFFS President are courtesy of William Tienken, via Facebook.  Many thanks, William!

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