May 04, 2016

Creative Corner - Spring Edition, Part 2

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This is the second of three "Creative Corner" posts in a row, making up for a hiatus of several months this spring and late winter.

A quick updateBryan Thomas Schmidt's YA Anthology, Decision Points, will launch here in Kansas City at Planet Comicon, May 20-22, 2016 and at ConQuesT Prime, May 27-29. For more information about this anthology, please see our Creative Corner Spring Edition Part 1, posted May 1, 2016.

Artist David Lee Pancake has been racking up a lot of awards in 2016, so far.

Pancake started with Popular Choice Award for Thorn and Splinter at Arisia in January, then continued with Capricon's Best of Show Award for Puffand Judge's Choice for Thorn at Boskone in February.

He also picked up three awards at Lunacon: The Guest of Honor's Choice (Robert J. Sawyer chose his Costeauean Evolution), plus Best 3D and Judge's Choice for El Choppo.

A new online resource for previously-unpublished writers, GroundMist Stories is currently seeking submissions. Site owner Jessie Montana's combo website and forum is primarily focused on science fiction and fantasy, "although we also solicit work in other genres including horror, mystery, adventure, crime, etc." For more information, browse through the site. 

Aaron Hollingsworth has announced the publication of The Thirtieth of May, a short horror story about a boy who must celebrate his birthday in a gruesome traditional rite. The Thirtieth of May is also part of his upcoming collection of horror shorts entitled Ruson the Vampire Saint and Other Apocryphal Tales, which should be out by June 2016. The Thirtieth of May is currently available from Kindle Unlimited, or it may be read for free on the Arcanemuses website.

IMAGES: Many thanks to David Lee Pancake, for the photos of his works and their awards. The GroundMist Stories image is from the website. The cover image for The Thirtieth of May, designed by Stephanie Hollingsworth, is used courtesy of Aaron Hollingsworth.

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