May 08, 2016

Creative Corner - Spring Edition, Part 3

The Creative Friends of KaCSFFS have been busy! 

This feature may have been on hiatus during the early months of 2016, but our friends kept on working. This is Part Three of Three. Part One was posted on May 1, and Part Two went live May 5. 

KaCSFFS's own M.C. Chambers came in for special praise in a recent Publisher's Weekly review. The reviewer called Hadley Rille's RUINS EXCAVATION anthology "a collection that is commendable in its diversity of strong, modern female leads and pointers to specific ancient civilizations."

The review went on to say, "most memorable are stories which feel grounded in the lead's own cultural history like the brightly featured Mexican magical realism of M. C. Chambers' Uno por Cada."

RUINS EXCAVATION also is now available in audio format from Audible and Amazon

Mitch Bentley has been busy reformatting several of his covers created for Sky Warrior Books, to be used on the audio editions. Gate of Souls by Verna McKinnon is currently available, as are Samurai SonProphecy of Swords and SerpentSinger and Other Stories by M.H. Bonham. Coming soon: the audio version of Bonham's Runestone of Teiwas. 

Bentley also created a new cover for Alban Lake’s edition of the Scifaiku Collection by John J. Murphy, released in February.

Also, the Central Arkansas Speculative Science Fiction Writers Association has released a collection of short stories titled Coming Around Again that features Bentley’s 2015 Calendar piece UFO as the cover art.

Bentley also has completed two pieces, Xi Wangmu, and The Jade Court of Xi Wangmu, for the second volume of The Fantasy Illustration Library: Gods and Goddesses for Michael Publishing

IMAGES: The cover art for Ruins Excavation is courtesy of Hadley Rille Books. Many thanks to Mitchell Bentley's Atomic Fly Studios for the images of his cover art!

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