May 14, 2016

ConQuesT Memories will rule the night

Change is coming to KaCSFFS metings.
What: Monthly KaCSFFS Meeting
Where: The Writers Place
3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111
When: Saturday, May 21, 2016
6:00 Meeting Begins!
6:30 Latest time the meeting will end
Program begins!

Meeting Theme: ConQuesT Memories
Food Theme: Finger-Food Favorites! 
Games and Special Interest Groups: See the KAXFEN list for more details.

New meeting format gets its maiden voyage!
2002 ConQuesT: Next year's
Con Chairs take over.
We announced in April that this year we'll try a new way to conduct the meetings we hope will make them lots more fun. We start that new format this month: A short meeting (only if needed) between 6 and 6:30--then we'll launch right into the program.

ConQuesT Memories 
ConSuite balcony banner from 1987.
We owe a huge thank-you to longtime member and photography enthusiast Tracy Majkol, for putting together a slideshow of photos from past ConQuesT conventions. Considering that this year we're about to hold ConQuesT Prime (#47), we have a few ConQuesTs to remember! 

ConQuesT 31: Better not to ask?
Come prepared to share some of your favorite stories about ConQuesTs past--then let's all prepare to work hard this coming Memorial Day, and make ConQuesT 47 another great convention to remember!

Special Interest Groups and Games
This is an almost-first try with a new idea. If you like the idea of forming special interest groups or playing board/tabletop games during the freeform parts of the meetings, please come prepared to participate!

IMAGES: The photo of the Writers Place is pulled from a 2010 post, which borrowed it from the blog "A Skewed Perspective." The photos from ConQuesTs past were gleaned from Keith Stokes' wonderful Midamerican Fan Photo Archive. Many, MANY thanks! (pool noodles; balcony banner; 2001 cow monolith). 

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