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Are you one of our Creative Friends?
The Creative Friends of KaCSFFS are a talented group of writers, artists, actors, musicians, costume designers, and other creative folk who have participated (as panelists or exhibitors) in our annual science fiction convention ConQuesT, or who have presented their work at one or more of our monthly meetings.

Part of our organization's mission is to help more interested fans in our genres learn about your work. We do this in several ways, and we'd love to have you participate in as many of them as you wish, all at no cost to you! Here are four ways we can help:

1. "Creative Corner"
This is a periodically-occurring post on our widely-read blog that shares news about our Creative Friends' businesses:

  • Book launches
  • Special offers and Open houses
  • Audio books or audio shorts
  • Book or autograph-signings
  • Art exhibitions
  • New originals or print editions released
  • Convention attendance (especially within 600 miles of Kansas City)
  • New acting or film-making projects
  • Radio plays or podcasts
  • Albums or songs released
  • New websites
  • Any other news you care to share!

Email us with the subject line "Creative Corner." We'll send you a proof to double-check in case it needs corrections before publication.

2. The Reviewers' Reading Circle
This one's for new or emerging writers who want to spread the word about their books, and possibly pick up a few reviews in the process. Click here to learn how it works.

3. Art exhibitions, live readings, live performances, and/or short films or trailers for original genre-related films at Monthly Meetings
We meet on the third Saturday evening of each month (weather permitting) at the Writers Place in midtown Kansas City, MO, and we're striving to develop a variety of interesting, genre-related program events each month.

If you are interested in exhibiting art or performing your work in our Kansas City venue, please email us with the subject line "Meeting Art Show" or "Meeting Performance."

4. Add your website's URL to our Creative Friends listing!
It's a new feature on the KaCSFFS Blog's opening page, running alongside the blog posts, just below the Networked Blogs Gadget. If you'd like for us to add your website please email us with the subject line "Please List my Website." We'll need the site's title and its URL. Thanks!

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