Board Games

Not Your Parents' Board Games
KaXFEN enjoy tabletop games (though this one's not using
a game board). Here's a group at our March 19, 2016 meeting,
on the mezzanine at The Writers Place. Series author David
is shown second from the right, near top center.
This is one of our longer-running and more popular series of blog posts. Based on a presentation given by David Means at our January 2016 meeting, the series began the following June and ran for more than a year. Communications Officer Jan S. Gephardt divided Means's script into eleven posts, then embedded links and found relevant images to illustrate the posts. 

Here is a directory of the posts:
Links will be added as posts go live:
Part One: History and Overview of Board Games
Board Game Profiles: Cooperative Games, and a Profile of Pandemic
Board Game Profiles: Smash Up
Board Game Profiles: The Timeline Series
Board Game Profiles: Three Games with Unusual Themes

IMAGE: The photo of KaXFEN at play was taken 3/19/16 by Jan S. Gephardt. If you use it (unaltered, other than slight cropping and or sizing), be sure to include an attribution and a link back to the KaCSFFS Blog!

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