Reviewers' Reading Circle

The Reviewers' Reading Circle Project

KaCSFFS seeks to support our mission of promoting knowledge about works in our genre, in part, through our RRC (Reviewers' Reading Circle). The RRC focus, specifically, is novels by indie, small-press, and early-career authors who have projects of merit to promote.

Interviewee V. R. Craft and interviewer Jan S. Gephardt, as seen from the audience during a meeting in 2017.
We recognize that it's hard for such authors to gain recognition in a highly competitive market--and we especially know that often reviews are an author's lifeblood. Our project is designed to help worthy authors gain recognition, new audiences, and (ideally) some positive reviews through this program.

In exchange for e-versions of a specific novel for two months' worth of free, reviewers' copy downloads, exclusively for the 40-60-something current, dues-paid members of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, authors receive:

  • at least three prominent mentions in blog posts on our website (our blog is seen by more than 4,000 readers all over the world every month) and our Facebook page (we have some 500 followers, and numerous active participants).
  • specific promotional information given at three of our monthly meetings.
  • a live, online author interview at one of our monthly meetings during the availability period for downloads. We've discovered these interviews dramatically boost interest in an author's books.

Once an author has been accepted into the Reviewers' Reading Circle, that author also is considered a Creative Friend of KaCSFFS. This makes them eligible for mentions of any readings, new releases, or other press-release-worthy events in our irregularly-published "Creative Corner" features on the blog, as well as preference for free guest-memberships at ConQuesT, our annual science fiction/fantasy convention, held every year on Memorial Day Weekend in Kansas City.

For more information, or to submit a work for consideration, please contact

IMAGE: Many thanks to Marisa Means for the photo of a live interview in progress at a meeting.

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