April 30, 2011

The Final Version of the KaCSFFS Ad

In two sizes!
Here is the finished full-page ad.  I have sent it on to Jesi for the ConQuesT 42 Program Book, but after all the help you gave me, I thought you'd like to see the finished product.  Scroll farther down to see the quarter-page ad that will appear in the Pocket Program.

Of course, you'll be seeing them in print when you go ConQuesT--right???

Here's the full-page version.  Note the Taurus constellation is now complete!

Here is the quarter-page version.
I also needed to pare basically the same material down for the quarter-page Pocket Program ad.  Since an ad should function more as a poster than as a brochure, I had to cut out some of the more detailed information.  Prospective members can learn most of what they need to know on the website, in any case, I hoped.

This may be as good a place as any to give you a heads-up that I will be recruiting a Publicity Advisory Committee after ConQuesT, to work with me on crafting an overall publicity plan that encompasses all our print and online outreach efforts.  We will work together to design an a series of ads, fliers, and brochures that can be adapted for an assortment of purposes, plan roll-out strategies, etc.

Anyone with graphic design and/or marketing experience is especially welcome!  I will go out and actively recruit if I need to, but interested volunteers will generally bring better results!

Meanwhile, please remember the Writers Workshop May 21 at the Writers Place, and for goodness sake, if you haven't registered for ConQuesT and reserved your room, please do so!  The discounts are about to expire!!

April 28, 2011

Should the Bull fly again?

In my last post, I asked you to critique the ad I had created for the ConQuesT 42 Program Book.  I got some excellent suggestions, and I thank you!  One of them, however, sent me scurrying for references on constellations.  One of the other graphic designers in the club mentioned he'd used the constellation Taurus at one point--a nod to our flying bull/cow mascot.

What a great idea, I thought.  Rather than a random collection of stars in the upper right-hand corner, how would Taurus look? 

So here's the "re-visioned" ad, with Taurus in the upper right-hand corner, as well as the other changes that were suggested.  Please let me know what you think of this one!
So here's the latest version.  How do you like it?  Please comment below in the "comments" section, on the Facebook page, or via our KAXFEN Yahoo Group.  Thank you!

April 26, 2011

Calling All KAXFEN! Opinions wanted!

Please help me perfect our new ad!
Your comments would help a lot!  This is my first draft of the proposed ad to promote KaCSFFS in the ConQuesT 42 Program book.

It should give all the important information, for someone who had never heard of KaCSFFS before--but be simple enough to function more like a poster than an in-depth brochure.

Click on the image to see it bigger.  Look it over.  What do you think?  What did I forget?  What would make it better?
Please look this over and tell me anything you think is good--or should be changed! 

To "talk back" to me, please leave a comment on Blogger below, send an email to the KAXFEN Yahoo group, or respond on Facebook.  Thank you for your help!

Jan Gephardt, KaCSFFS Communications Officer

April 19, 2011

KaCSFFS Readers and Writers Rock!

SF&F Literati Move to Their New Home April 25!

The KaCSFFS book club, SF&F Literati, is set to meet Monday in their new location, the Oak Park Mall Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  Click here for directions, address, and a map link.

The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 25, on the 2nd floor near the windows.  The space will be already set up, and ready for the gathering.

The book under discussion this month will be George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream. 

It's not too early to secure a copy of Tamora Pierce's Sandry's Book: Circle of Magic Series #1.  This book, written by the ConQuesT 42 Author Guest of Honor, will be the book under discussion at the May 23 meeting--the Monday before ConQuesT!
L-R: The April book: Martin's Fevre Dream. The May book: Pierce's Sandry's Book.
The place: the Barnes & Noble Booksellers at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, KS.

Plan Now for the Writers Workshop May 21!

Three well-known local SF/F writers will present the program at The Writers Place on the Saturday before ConQuesT at 6:00 p.m.  This is a special presentation on our normal meeting night.  Finger foods, tea, and coffee will be served.

Robert Chilson, Robin W. Bailey, and Chris McKitterick will speak about writing science fiction and fantasy.  The program is free to dues-paid KaCSFFS members, and $30 to the public.
L-R: Chris McKitterick, Rob Chilson, Robin W. Bailey
PHOTO CREDITS: Book covers and Barnes & Noble store image are from Barnes & Noble.  The photo of Chris McKitterick is courtesy of Cory Doctorow.  The photo of Rob Chilson is courtesy of Keith Stokes.  The photo of Robin Bailey is from Fantastic Fiction.

April 15, 2011

Spotlight's on AboutSF at Saturday's meeting

A preview of the program for Saturday, April 16, 6:30 at the Writers Place:

"Saving the World through Science Fiction" is the motto of the educational resource center AboutSF.  How could a KaCSFFan do anything but cheer?

L-R: Benjamin Cartwright, Samantha Bishop Simmons, and Nick Bishop Simmons
Once the cheering subsides, however, we can learn more about it from Saturday night's program, presented by Benjamin Cartwright, Samantha Bishop Simmons, and Nick Bishop Simmons.  Ben is a new member of KaCSFFS.

On its website, AboutSF describes itself as "a resource center for speculative literature, science fiction, and education." It is headquartered at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, jointly sponsored by KU, SFWA, and SFRA.  It also is supported by Tor Books, the Heinlein Prize Trust, and individual donors.

Ray Bradbury, by Ed Emshwiller
Saturday's program will feature a
never-before-heard excerpt from an
interview of the sf master by
film historian John Tibbetts.
The program Saturday night will offer a broad overview of resources available through AboutSF, including the Speculative Speakers database, the podcast, and more.  It also will include an excerpt from a never-before-heard interview of Ray Bradbury, and a preview of AboutSF ConQuesT programming.

Ben is the current volunteer coordinator for AboutSF, overseeing various AboutSF projects and initiatives. He also produces the AboutSF audio podcast, designed as a way for fans, scholars, and authors to share stories and commentary with SF communities around the world. And if that wasn't enough, he also produces the Kansas Blotter Audio podcast, collecting recordings of Lawrence KS-area writers.

Samantha is currently in charge of communications at the Hall Center for the Humanities at KU.  She formerly held Ben's job at AboutSF, and also has worked in public education through public and university libraries.

Nick is a Ph.D. candidate at KU, working on a dissertation about philosophical issues regarding consciousness and our understanding of the physical world.

PHOTO CREDITS: Photos of Ben, Samantha, and Nick were provided by Ben; Ed Emshwiller's portrait of Ray Bradbury is the cover painting for Bradbury: An Illustrated Life, published by Donald M. Grant.

April 12, 2011

Three Important Announcements!

Make sure you scroll down for all three!
The Barnes & Noble at Oak Park Mall is the
new home of the KaCSFFS Book Club.
1. New Home for KaCSFFS Book Club!
Starting April 25, The KaCSFFS Book Club will meet at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers at Oak Park Mall.  The book under discussion will be George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream.  The group had to move because their previous location, the Borders Books at 91st and Metcalf, is closing.  They will continue to meet on their regular day--fourth Monday of the month--and at their regular time, 7:00 p.m.  Thanks, B&N!

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Flash your KaCSFFS Membership Card at
the Marrakech Cafe and get a 10% discount!
2. New Discount for KaCSFFS Members!
KaCSFFS Members now can receive a 10% discount when they eat at the Marrakech Cafe at 4116 Broadway in Westport, just a half-block off Westport Road.  This restaurant was a Fanivores location in February, and the reviews were generally terrific.

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3. Don't miss the Meeting on Saturday!
The food theme for the April 16 meeting is cupcakes and muffins.
Saturday is your LAST CHANCE to get a discounted ConQuesT 42 membership, if you are a dues-paid 2011-2012 KaCSFFS member.  The food theme is cupcakes and muffins, and the program after the business meeting will be "About SF," given by new KaCSFFS member Ben Cartwright.  Watch this blog for more details!
When: Saturday, April 16, 2011 and 6:30 p.m.
Where: The Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City, MO

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PHOTO CREDITS: Barnes & Noble store at Oak Park Mall: Barnes & Noble.com
Marrakech Cafe: Google Maps; The Writers Place: Examiner.com; chocolate cupcakes: Wikipedia; blueberry muffins: FunOkay.Com

April 08, 2011

Change of the Movies


There has been a couple of developments in the last few hours and the previous show featuring "A League of Their Own" and "Eight Men Out" has been postponed till the alternate Laser Rangers session, which will take place on April 30th at the same time a location perviously stated.

Taking the place for the meeting tomorrow will be what would've been the alternate Laser Rangers Session: "Young Martial Artists with Great Potential" featuring "The Last Dragon" and "Bulletproof Monk."

"The Last Dragon" stars Leroy Green, Laura Charles, and Eddie Arkadian, is directed by Michael Schultz, and written by Louis Venosta.

In this 1985 action movie extravaganza, a talented young martial artist who refuses to fight, is on a quest to become the greatest martial artist alive. To prove this, he must attain something called "The Glow." However, he must first defeat a long line of enemies to reach the top.

The short we will be showing is called "Real Tekken." This is a live action recreation of a video game.

The dinner theme is Chinese. (Don't forget your chopsticks!)

Our other feature is "Bulletproof Monk." This movie stars Sean William Scott, Chow Yun-Fat, and Jamie King. It was directed by Paul Hunter and written by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris.

Released in 2003, "Bulletproof Monk" tell the story of an unlikely hero who picks a sacred scroll from the pocket of nameless Tibetan monk. Once the monk tracks down the thief, he takes it upon himself to train him as the next protector for the sacred scroll.

Dress theme (if so inclined): Chinese field shirt

April 07, 2011

Laser Rangers "Change the Rules" Saturday April 9

Welcome baseball season with the Laser Rangers April 9,
 watching A League of Their Own and Eight Men Out.
Well, they don't literally change their own rules.  The April 9 program is titled "Changing the Rules of the Game."

In honor of the start of baseball season, the movies of the night will be A League of Their Own, and Eight Men Out. Jessica Goodman is "Captain Laser" this month.

Theoretically, the group begins with social time around 4:15 p.m., and the first film starts about 4:45--but we tend to run on "fan time."

Laser Rangers is a small, informal group of movie buffs. One "ranger" is designated "Captain Laser," and acts as host for the evening.  Captain Laser also provides film notes, and makes sure the planned movies are there!

The home of the Laser Rangers is located about two miles north of the Kansas Speedway, northwest of the intersection of I-70 and I-435, on the Kansas side of the KC Metro area.  For directions, email David Sooby.

Our home theatre has comfortable seating for at least 15, and an audiophile-quality Dolby Digital 5.1 speaker system.

PHOTO CREDITS: The image for A League of Their Own is courtesy of the Orange County Register.  The image for Eight Men Out is from Movieberry.  The movie screen frame image for the Laser Rangers contact information is courtesy of Psychology Today Online.

April 03, 2011

KaCSFFS and the Science Fiction Hall of Fame

This is the Hall of Fame logo.
An open letter from Robin W. Bailey:

I'm pleased to let the group know that I'm once again serving on the induction committee for the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

We have many new members who may not know that our club was instrumental in establishing the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.  In 1995 I approached the KaCSFFS membership with the idea of setting it up as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.  The members were enthusiastic, but we needed a launching platform--a place--to establish it.

This is an example of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame
Telescope Award.
Several of us met James Gunn in Lawrence to discuss the proposal.  He signed on at once, and we agreed to make it part of the annual Campbell Conference, hosted by the Center for the Study of Science Fiction (CSSF).

We created a lovely plaque upon which the names of the nominees were placed.  The plaque featured beautiful engraved artwork by member Harold McEldery. We also created little trophies with actual working telescopes.  Ursula LeGuin says she watches whales with hers!

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame is housed in
the Frank Gehry Building with the Experience Music Project,
under the Space Needle (not visible in this view) in Seattle.
The SF Museum is on the left, under the silver part.
The Hall of Fame was widely hailed as a big success--enough so that it caught the eye of billionaire Paul Allen, who was about to launch a Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.  Allen's group, Vulcan Enterprises, approached us about acquiring the Hall of Fame.  They sent representatives to KU, and over dinner we discussed the possibilities.

In the end, we decided not to sell the Hall of Fame outright to them.  However we did transfer certain rights to them, while retaining other rights ourselves.  2004 was the last year the SF Hall of Fame induction ceremonies were held at KU.  In 2005, the first induction took place in Seattle.

Okay--there's the Space Needle!  (We couldn't leave out the
Space Needle!)  From this view, however,  we're looking at
the part that houses the Experience Music Project.  The SFM
entrance is around the corner to the left.
The rest is fhannish history.  I've remained involved with the Hall of Fame since that time, serving for a while on both the museum's advisory board and on its HOF induction committee.  Now, with the dissolution of the advisory committee, I am on the induction committee only.

I've made a handful of visits to Seattle to see the Museum and Hall of Fame, and I've kept a close eye on it, but I haven't really reported to the club or communicated much about the Hall of Fame for a while.  I want to do a better job of that.

It should not be lost in the dark annals of time that the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society played a huge role in the creation of what has become a remarkable and successful entity.  In my opinion it should be one of our proudest achievements, and not forgotten.  Certainly it is one of mine.  For more information, click on the highlighted links.
This is the entrance to the Science Fiction Museum
in Seattle.

Thank you, KaCSFFS and the CSSF!

PHOTO CREDITS: Hall of Fame Logo and picture of a Telescope Award are courtesy of the Midamericon Website.  The image of the Frank Gehry Building with both SFM and EMP is from the blog, The Omnivore.  The Space Needle view of the Gehry Building and EMP is from TripSketch.  The SFM entrance is courtesy of Vulcan, Inc.