February 25, 2013

The 50-Word Review Challenge

We know you're Doing It!  So tell us about it!

A bookshelf wall at Prospero's Uptown Books.
KaCSFFS members can buy reviewable
materials with a club-member discount, there.
What was the last book you read?

What was the last movie or anime you saw?

Been to any good dramatic readings, lately?

Enjoyed any comics? Manga? Web comics?

Listened to any good podcasts?

Played any good games?

If any of these things were related to science fiction, fantasy, horror, Steampunk, alternate history, or other sub-genres within our mission, it is likely that other KAXFEN will enjoy hearing your thoughts about them.

The review subjects do not have to be new releases. Not everyone has time to read or view every new item that comes out, at the time it is published. Any time we publish a review of anything, it is guaranteed that someone in our readership hasn't read/seen/played it yet. Others may already know the material, but may want to read what others think of it.

You, too, can write a Review!
When there is a new review, our Reviews page is one of our most popular items--and that's why we need your help.

We need more reviews--in any or all of the categories above.  And we'll make it as easy for you as possible. Just take our 50-word Review Challenge.

You don't have to write a "book," or even a long article (though longer reviews are welcome).  A 50-word review is enough to get you published here! (We wrote almost 50 words, just asking the questions above).

Yes, we are posting this on "SF&F Literati night" on purpose.  If you were disappointed to miss the discussion (snowed out) please use your "discussion powers" to take our challenge!

The 50-Word Review Challenge:
Win fame and accolades! This challenge is sponsored by the KaCSFFS Communications Committee.

Here are the terms of the challenge:

  1. For the next three months (until ConQuesT in May), we will accept and publish all reviews of sf, fantasy, horror, Steampunk, or other related subgenre works, in any of the media listed in the questions, that we receive from readers of this blog.  
  2. Anyone who reads this blog is eligible.  You do not have to be a member of KaCSFFS.  We have readers all over the world, and we are opening this challenge to ALL of you.
  3. Reviews should be 50-100 words in length, and submitted to Jan Gephardt as inline emails. Please submit them in English.
  4. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, and family-friendly language. We also reserve the right to reject libelous or plagiarized material, or any email that contains a virus.  
  5. Whenever possible, we will illustrate reviews with cover art, movie posters, or other appropriate, related graphics. You do not have to submit illustrations, but if you do, please credit your source!
  6. You must agree to allow us to sign either your name or a "fannish pen name" to the review, and we need to know who you really are, if you use a pen name.
  7. We will post each review as an individual blog post, and also add it to the "Reviews" page.
  8. Here's the "Fame and Accolades" part: We will announce winners in two categories, listed below. Winners will be announced in three places: at ConQuesT, at the June meeting of KaCSFFS, and on this blog. Winners also will receive special certificates, which we will personalize with calligraphy and either present to you (if you can attend ConQuesT or the June KaCSFFS meeting) or mail to you wherever you live, anywhere in the world (note: we'll need an address!).
  9. The first category is Most Reviews Submitted. This will recognize the person who sent us the greatest number of useable reviews during the three-month period.
  10. The second category is Most Popular Reviewer. Popularity will be determined by blog metrics: Blogger analytics tell us what entries inspire the most responses. We will determine this winner by adding up how many views that Reviewer's contributions generated during the Challenge period.
Now the "ball is in your court." Will you accept the Challenge?

IMAGE CREDITS: The photo of the bookshelf at Prospero's Uptown Books is used by permission of Jan S. Gephardt. The image of the person typing on the keyboard is from the Design Tech Tonics website. The "Challenge" graphic is from the Just Joan website.

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