March 22, 2012

The Rest of . . . Several Stories

Scroll down for important notes on the KaCSFFS Election!
Laser Rangers Announce Special Saturday Show!
Game of Thrones Special Features Showcased
Get in the mood for Season Two on Saturday 24th!
Grab your broadswords and shields, pikes and battle axes..."Winter is Here!"  With the recent release on Blu-ray of the first season of HBO's multiple award-winning "Game of Thrones" (and the series' 2nd Season coming to HBO on April 1st), this coming Saturday, the Laser Rangers are hosting a special alternate Laser Rangers sequel/follow-up to our 10 episode Game of Thrones marathon held last November. All are invited.
Ask David for location information!

     Start Time: 4:45 PM
Location: The Usual (several miles N.E. of The Kansas Speedway and Nebraska Furniture Mart in KCK--see contact information in the proscenium arch illustration).
     Dinner: Join us for a Pot Luck (or just bring your own dinner)

Enjoy the 51" Samsung Plasma Screen 1080P viewing, 5.1 Audiophile Grade Sound System, and comfortable, theater-style seating.

For this special session we'll be showing various Blu-ray extras, both before and after the dinner break. Here's a sampling of what's available that you've not seen before:
     A Making of "Game of Thrones" Documentary
     15 Character Profiles 
     Creating the Dothraki Language 
     Inside the Ancient Order of the Night's Watch 
     From Book to Screen: How It Was Done 
     Creating The Series' Emmy-Winning Opening Title Sequence
     7 Voice-Over Audio Commentaries Guide to Westeros
Blu-ray Exclusive Features:
     The Complete Field Guide to Westeros: What You Need To Know 
     An In-Episode Guide 
     Anatomy of An Episode
And, as one additional, sepcial extra:
     7 Hidden "Dragon Eggs" (i.e., actors' audition tapes that won them their roles)

Keep scrolling down,  for important notes on the KaCSFFS Election!
Program Notes for Writers at the Last Meeting
We didn't have information about the fiction pieces to be read before the meeting. In case you'd like to follow up and read more, here it is:
Notes on fiction read Saturday March 17 follows.
L-R, our guests were: Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Sarah Frost, and Sherri Dean.
     Sherri Dean was first to read. Her story was "“Possum Love, Princess of Mars,” published in two different Yard Dog Press “Bubba” anthologies, Flush Fiction and Houston: We’ve GotBubbas!
     Sarah Frost next read an excerpt from a short story, “A Pilgrim at the Edge of the World,” possibly soon to be published in On Specthe Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic.  
     Bryan Thomas Schmidt finished the evening with two excerpts from his recently-published novel, The Worker Prince, which in December was recommended as one of the Honorable Mention group of “Barnes & Noble's Best SF Releases of 2011." 
     Contrary to the previous announcement, Jim Murray did not present a reading. The evening's three readers were recorded, for possible future use in a podcast. We will keep you posted.

You're here at last! More important notes below, too! 
We Have A Contested Officers' Race!!!!
Well, SOMEWHAT contested. There are two self-nominations for the post of Secretary. Here's who they are, along with their "Why you should vote for me" statement (in their own words):

Jeff Orth (incumbent):
"Jeff is bad secretary. he will continue to be a bad secretary. Some body should kick his ass. Diana certainly would appreciate it."

Sherri Dean (challenger):
"I already did this [serve as Secretary] before, but . . . I could do it again if you like." (Author's note: Not only did she serve with distinction as Secretary, but she also has chaired ConQuesT).

Since Jeff did not withdraw his self-nomination upon hearing this (in fact, affirmed that he would not), we will have an election. It will take place at the April 21, 2012 KaCSFFS Meeting at The Writers Place.

In addition to a live election at
the April meeting, KAXFEN also
can vote Absentee this year.
Only current, dues-paid members are eligible to vote (memberships were due for renewal March 17). If you have not renewed your dues but wish to vote, you may pay online. See the sidebar at right for the PayPal button.

If you are a current, dues-paid member, but you know you will be unable to come to the April meeting in person, you may vote via Absentee Ballot this year, for the first time. Copy your Absentee Ballot from the ABSENTEE BALLOT page at the top of this blog, or download the PDF from the KAXFEN Yahoo Group.

All Absentee Ballots must be filled out, signed, and received at the KaCSFFS Post Office Box before the April meeting. Complete instructions can be found on the Official Ballot form.  Be sure to mail yours in plenty of time!

Introducing Your 2013 ConQuesT Chairperson-Elect, 
Victoria L'Ecuyer
Victoria responded to my pre-meeting call for self-descriptions by nominees with an interesting, much more lengthy response than those of other would-be office holders. She was unopposed on the 17th, so our Bylaws dictate that she is considered to have won by acclamation.

But because many KAXFEN don't know her well, here is her self-introduction:

Victoria as Co-Chair, at last year's
Closing Ceremonies (by K. Stokes)
Hello, my name is Victoria L'Ecuyer and this is my 12th year working ConQuesT.
I started out as a simple volunteer who showed up and helped out when there was nothing happening that I wanted to attend. For a couple of years I'd pop up at Joyce Downing's elbow, asking, "What can I do to help?" Then, when I just showed up and did the work without asking, Joyce made me her staff. When she thought about stepping down, she made me her co-director. 

About the time I was thinking of stepping down as Director of Registration, John asked me to be his vice-chair. I thought about it for a while. I really wanted to say "no" and walk away for good, but in the end I said "yes."

This was because I tell people to "quit bitching or do something about it" when they go into long rants about what is bothering them about a situation (or person)  they're involved in (or with). John offered me a chance to "do something" and I took it. 

You know how good (or bad) I was at running registration. (I'm well aware that some people think I sucked at it. I am also aware that I can't please everyone.) Right off the bat I was asked to make pre-printed badges happen. It was a challenge first implementing then working the kinks out badging process, but it happened. Along the way, and with Cindy Norton's help, I found and closed every single crack where stuff can get lost regarding paying membership and registration. (Getting a new Head of Registration and new Treasurer at the same time makes for Interesting Times.)
As Vice Chair last year, I created the concom's agenda and took minutes for the concom, then distributed them. This had the effect of reducing the five-hour meetings down to two or less. Setting the agenda and taking minutes is still being done by the Vice Chair. Our new record set by the current Vice Chair is a one-hour meeting.
As acting Co-Chair last year, I started the Chart of All Knowledge in an effort to manage convention logistics for scheduling. I did it again this year as official Co-Chair. This has made things easier for the various departments to keep track of who is doing what. It also helps the hotel to know when they can get in to clean and refresh the meeting rooms and con suite during the convention.  Because most authors schedule their appearances 1-3 years out, I've been working on next year's Guests of Honor for the last few months.
Because this year's Vice Chair is moving to Alaska in September, there is a chance you'll have me as chair for two years running. Yes, I'm already scouting for a new Co-Chair and Vice Chair. Unless someone decides to take over my duties, I'll show up and do the work in 2013. And possibly 2014. 

The Remaining Uncontested Nominations for the 
Board of Directors are:

President (formerly Director):
Diana J. Bailey (incumbent)
"Well, I guess I'm crazy enough to try it again."

Cindy L. Norton (incumbent)
"After 3 years still attempting to figure out who was crazier, Ken K.  for asking, or me for accepting, I figure it is a tie. [There has been] no impeachment, and I keep nominating myself.  Still working on achieving the 501(3)c; setting up a record-keeping method for the Con that is simple enough that anyone can take over, and, importantly, the fun days still outnumber the crappy days, so [I'm] still having fun."  

Communications Officer (formerly Editor):
Jan S. Gephardt (incumbent)
"I used to be a graphic designer and marketing specialist, and I have tried to use these skills to develop the Blog, enliven the Directory, and aid other communications efforts on the Club's behalf . In my second term I hope to continue expanding and streamlining KaCSFFS communications, and aligning the design of all KaCSFFS public media, so we present a consistent image."

IMAGE CREDITS: The Game of Thrones title is from the Screen Rant blog. The movie screen frame image used for the Laser Rangers contact information is courtesy of Psychology Today Online. The photo of Bryan Thomas Schmidt came from the bio page on his website. The photo of Sarah Frost is from her Writertopia profile. The photo of Sherri Dean is her Profile Picture on Facebook. The Ballot Box image is from the MyLot image service. The photo of Victoria L'Ecuyer in Valkyrie chapeau is from the Midamericon Photo Archive (ConQuesT 42 photos by Keith Stokes. THANKS, Keith!!). 

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