June 16, 2012

KaCSFFS Sponsors Two Contests!

Call for Entries!--Attention, Artists and Writers!
KaCSFFS is sponsoring two competitions in 2012--a Logo Contest, and a Pod-Play Contest! Win fame, adulation, and actual prizes! (scroll down for the Pod-Play Contest).
The Logo Contest:
Our venerable "Infinity Circle" logo
needs to be retired!
We've already given information about this contest in an earlier post, but it bears repeating. Our goal is a pair of compatible logos that could be used for several years: one for KaCSFFS, and the other for ConQuesT, the organization’s annual sf convention.

Winners will receive a free, one-year voting membership in KaCSFFS (for the KaCSFFS logo), and/or a free attending membership to ConQuesT 44, Memorial Day weekend, in Kansas City. Both winners (or the person who wins both) also will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a box of Annedore's Artisanal Chocolate Truffles (4 truffles per logo) or a suitable alternative, depending on dietary restrictions.

Submission deadline is August 1, 2012.  

Contest Rules:
This logo contest is open to anyone, of any age, who has an idea and wants to submit it. Entries are now open, and must be received by midnight CDT on August 1, 2012.  

Design two logos that are similar but distinct from each other: one for KaCSFFS, the other for ConQuesT.
  1. They do not have to depict Kassie and Casey (there is some debate within the club over retaining these mascots at all). 
  2. They should look good in black-and-white. 
  3. They should be easily identifiable at any size. That is, whether they are half an inch wide or three feet wide, they should look equally "legible" and clear.
  4. They should have a "futuristic" feel.
How to submit your entry:
  1. Once you have your two designs, they should be made into JPEG, TIFF, or PDF digital files. If you need help digitizing your entry, please contact Jan Gephardt at this updated email.
  2. Image size should be 5 inches (360 pixels) wide, for each logo design.  Resolution should be 200 ppi (pixels per inch).
  3. If the logos do not already incorporate the letters "KaCSFFS" for the KaCSFFS logo, and "ConQuesT" for the ConQuesT logo, you should submit a view of each that shows how lettering should accompany them (as the word "KaCSFFS" accompanies the 1970s logo example above).
  4. Submit your designs digitally to the "Logo Contest Entries" file on the KAXFEN email group or directly to Jan at this updated email.
  5. If you prefer to deliver the digital files via CD or thumb drive, you may hand these to Jan at any KaCSFFS meeting before the deadline or at ConQuesT, or mail them to: KaCSFFS, P.O. Box 34413, North Kansas City, MO 64116.
The Pod-Play Contest:
We propose to produce a pod-play on an sf/f/horror theme.
KaCSFFS wants to produce a one-act pod-play (like a radio play) on a science fiction, fantasy, or horror theme, to be chosen in the fall, performed at the January meeting, and published via our X-Ray Delta One Podcast. The winner will receive a publication credit to put on his/her resume and possibly mention in future cover letters.

Submission deadline is October 20, 2012.  

Contest Rules:
This pod-play contest is open to anyone, of any age, who has an idea and wants to submit it. Entries are now open, and must be received by October 20, 2012.  
  1. We will only accept original scripts, based on the author's original story.
  2. Each pod-play remains the intellectual property of its author. Entry in the contest grants KaCSFFS the right to produce and podcast it, and keep the production podcast in its active archive, should it be chosen.
  3. The play must be complete in one act, and at most about an hour long.
  4. It should be based on a fantasy, science fiction, or horror theme.
  5. The play may be either comedy or drama.
  6. The author should include production instructions, such as needed sound effects. Sound effects must be within KaCSFFS' practical capability to produce (suggestions for techniques are welcome).
  7. The author should supply: 
    1. A a script-style manuscript.
    2. A list of characters with short descriptions. 
    3. An interest-provoking, descriptive blurb no more than 50 words long.
  8. Entered Pod-play scripts will be posted on the KAXFEN Yahoo Group for members to read between October 20 and November 17, 2012. Authors' names will be withheld until the voting has been completed.
  9. Members will vote for their choice in person at the November 17 meeting, or via Absentee Ballot beforehand.
  10. The winning author will be contacted personally before the results are announced.
  11. The title and author of the winning entry will be identified on the KaCSFFS Blog, on the KaCSFFS Facebook Page, and on the KAXFEN Yahoo Group, along with a call for cast members, the play's character list, and its 50-word descriptive blurb. 
  12. The chosen pod-play will be cast, produced, and turned into a podcast episode for the club's X-Ray Delta One Podcast.
  13. Entrants whose work is not chosen will be notified via email. Printed manuscripts, CDs, or thumb drives will not be returned without a SASE. 
  14. All rights to manuscripts not chosen for production revert to their authors, and KaCSFFS may make no further claim on them.
One pod-play will be chosen for production.
How to submit your entry:
  1. Entries may be submitted any time through midnight Central Time, on October 20, 2012.
  2. They may be submitted to Communications Officer Jan S. Gephardt, in several ways: 
    1. In person at KaCSFFS meetings or other KaCSFFS events where Jan is present; 
    2. Via email at this email address
    3. By postal mail to KaCSFFS, P.O. Box 34413, North Kansas City, MO 64116. Mailed-in entries must be received no later than October 19, 2012, so they can be brought to the meeting.
  3. Each entry MUST include:
    1. A cover letter or cover email, giving the author's valid mailing address and email address.
    2. A 50-word descriptive blurb. The purpose of this blurb is to make people interested in reading or seeing your pod-play, so write it like advertising copy!
    3. A complete list of characters, with a short description of each.
    4. A manuscript in standard script format; each page should have 1-inch margins, and be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font. 
    5. If submitted digitally, use a standard MS Word-style .doc format. If submitted in person or via postal mail, the .doc should be on a Macintosh-compatible, virus-free CD or thumb drive. Inclusion of a printed paper copy is optional. 
PHOTO CREDITS: The "Infinity Circle" logo was originally designed for KaCSFFS by Ken Keller in the 1970s, and is still being used on membership cards and other items. There is currently no ConQuesT logo in consistent use. The two images of radio-play production casts in action are from the "LAist" website and the World News website, respectively.

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