February 27, 2017

8 top picks from 2016 TV: Do you agree?

Do you agree with our list of the Best SF TV Shows in 2016?
Our panel discussion at the January 21, 2017 KaCSFFS Meeting looked at the good, the not-so-good, and the epic fails from the 2016 television shows that had science fiction, fantasy, or horror themes.

Panelists Carol Doms and Ken Keller started with a list of 42 shows, and ended the evening having heartily recommended eight as their top picks. Do you agree? Please add your comments below!

Our panelists' Picks in Alphabetical Order:

The Expanse



People of Earth


Stranger Things


So, then, what do you think? Did we call them pretty well? Miss one? Praise a stinker? Please share your opinions in the Comments section below the image credits.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Eric M. Rozek for the Brain Dead logo, and to YouTube CBS for the Brain Dead trailer. To YouTube for both the 2015 still for The Expanse, and the 2016 trailer for the show. To the Lucifer Wiki for the title image and to YouTube for the Lucifer trailer. To International Business Times for the title image for Outcast, and to YouTube for the Outcast trailer. To YouTube for both the title image and the trailer for People of Earth. To Comic Book for the Preacher title image, and to AMC on YouTube for the trailer. To TV Series Online for the Stranger Things title image, and to Netflix US & Canada on YouTube for the trailer. And to TV Series Finale for the Westworld title image, and to HBO on YouTube for the trailer.

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